9th January 2015

There are not enough beds or aid workers.

That was the startling conclusion I came to today when I was doing my research.  There are just not enough – doctors, nurses, volunteer aid workers or beds.

Even with the 17 new centres across Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia, each with 100 beds, with 8,000 new confirmed cases each week (plus the estimated 12,000 unreported), the clinics will be over-run with infected people.  People will be dying without care, without treatment.

The poor medical staff and aid workers must be exhausted.  Emotionally, physically, mentally.  I’m so pleased that Juliet will be home in a couple of days.  She’s been gone since the Australian Government relinquished and allowed our doctors and nurses to go to Sierra Leone.  She’s been over there nearly a month now and I’m so worried about her.  I’ve only had a couple of texts from her, which is unlike her.  I hope she is being careful.

I’ve talked to Justin a few times and he says Juliet’s hanging in there but she’s run down, fatigued both mentally and physically.  The medical staff work long shifts, catching a few hours of fitful sleep between rotations.  Justin is looking pretty haggard, I can’t imagine how tough this is on him with her away not really knowing how she is doing and having to keep up appearances for the kids.

I know this sounds terrible, but I am glad I’m not there.