27th January 2015

Last week I had a letter from the Blood Donor Centre saying they urgently needed universal donor blood.  My blood.  I had my donation appointment today and when I got there, Richard was in the waiting room.  Turns out we both have a moral conscious when it comes to giving blood.  Part of our  responsibility to humanity.  We ended up on beds next to each other which was nice to be able to chat to someone while they took a litre of the red stuff.  It was nice to have someone to take my mind off it.  Not that I’m squeamish, I just not a huge fan of seeing blood.

Richard shared that blood donation is organised a little differently in NZ.  Like here, you can book an appointment or turn up to the local blood donation centre, however they also have mobile blood donation units.  The units turn up at schools, universities, and businesses.  They set up for the day and people cycle through to give blood.  Making it easy to donate means they get a really good turnout.  People who might have just had “good intentions” actually donate.

I was a little disappointed to head back to work after the tea, biscuits and chat with Richard.

I wonder where I will ‘bump’ into him next…?