7th January 2015

8 new cases of Ebola have been diagnosed in the UK.

And when I say UK, I mean LONDON!

I bet the London Royal Free Hospital is grateful they just finished the refurbishment of the Infectious Disease ward.  Imagine if they still only had 2 high security isolation beds?  Where would they have put the other 6 cases?  The new ward now has 12 isolation beds.  What happens if they have another 8 cases?  Where would they send them?  Fingers crossed these are the only ones.

I need to ring Ethan, catch him before he goes to work, and get him to take the Ebola crisis seriously.  I know he doesn’t believe it’s an issue, but surely he can see now, that I’m not being an over cautious, worry-wort.

Ha, we are so different my brother and I.  He is so laid back he’s almost horizontal, I worry about E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.  Trouble seems to follow him everywhere, I on the other hand…he would call me, and often does, a goodie two shoes.  He cruised through university with C’s even though he’s extremely bright.  Brighter than me.  I’m the straight A student.  He’s spontaneous, don’t ever try to lock him into plans, especially if they involve all family functions.  Me, I have to have everything organised well in advance.  Despite all of this (and not even because he’s my brother and I have to), he’s hard not to love.

Thankfully he is not in any immediate danger of being infected, living well away – in Turnham Green – from the recent cases in Southwark.  Reports say they’re all travellers returning from visiting friends and family in West Africa.  Most live in Southwark.  Those poor families.  It must be horrible.

I guess that is a major factor in the spread of viruses these days.  International travel.  It is so much more accessible now than it ever was when mum and dad were younger.  Back then flying overseas was for the wealthy and famous.  Now a spare $1,000 will get you a long way.

I really hope Juliet is OK over there. Not long now and she will be home.  It must be terrible, dealing with all that death.  I can’t even begin to imagine.