31st January 2015

It’s been an interesting day.

Mum asked me to take her to the supermarket to help her get what she might need in case she and Dad go into isolation.

The weird thing was not that she asked me to take her.  It was that, when we were half way through, she said she was going to get some UHT milk and didn’t come back.  I had to leave the trolley half full with groceries, in the middle of the supermarket, to go look her.  I found her 20 minutes later in one of the other shops in the mall buying something for Ella.

I managed to convince her to go back into the supermarket to pay for her groceries.  Once we had them in the car I took her for a coffee.  I think Mum would have liked a shot of something stronger in hers.  When I asked her what happened, she was reluctant to talk about it, saying that I would think she was being silly.

I told her that nothing about Ebola was silly.

She said she was fine until the trolley was half full.  Then she realised what it all meant, that we all could be in danger.  Her and Dad, her children and her grandchildren.  That it was easier not to think about it.

I couldn’t pretend, that it was all rosy.  Potentially it could be quite dangerous, but it was better to be prepared than bury our heads in the sand and get caught short.  Not ignoring it was the far safer thing to do.

But, I could tell she wasn’t really listening.  I might be easier for me to get them prepared than to get Mum to think about it again.  Otherwise they might not do anything.

After I dropped Mum off, I stopped by Juliet’s place to give her the flowers and the card.  She looked good, pleased to be home, but still haunted by her experience.  I invited her and the family to the flat for a BBQ, movie and a spa.  Juliet suggested a swim in the ocean instead.  She said the smell of chlorine reminded her too much of the ward.  We agreed to meet at Coogee at around 3pm for an afternoon dip before dinner.