Sabine was a fictional character created by Cat Pinfold and Belinda Storey to explore the everyday scenarios of the evolving 2014/2015 Ebola crisis and to help people prepare for the possible social and economic disruptions. ┬áSabine’s diary was written two months in advance (so 1st November 2014 became 1st January 2015). ┬áSabine was based in Sydney and her brother Ethan lived in London. This was a fictional account. ┬áNeither Cat nor Belinda work for, consult to, own shares in, or receive funding from any organization or company that would benefit from this fictional diary.

Cat Pinfold

Cat is passionate about life, love, personal growth and development. She is a lover of story, language & metaphor, art & science. She is a facilitator of dreams, a fire starter, a supporter of potential, challenger of the status quo and sometimes more than a little bit cheeky. She is the transformer of people (and the world) through story and metaphor. She is Scheherazade. Learn more about Cat's work at

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