I’m glad I worked from home today and went to Mum and Dad’s in the evening.  They still live in the house that they brought before they had us and it has no air-conditioning.  We’ve been telling them for years to get ducted heating and a wall mounted unit.  But Dad is a stalwart and believes that in the winter all you need to is put on an extra layer and in the summer they have ceiling fans.  Sometimes I hear his dad, my grandfather, come right on out of his mouth; “You kids have it too easy these days, when I was a boy…”

Thankfully they live close to the water so in the evening they get a sea breeze.

No one in Sydney has lost power.  Yet.

Today was the second day in the 40’s and the forecast is for several more.  It’s not so much of a case of if, but when they will happen.  We were lucky last night that it was cooler.  Tonight I don’t think we will get off so lightly.  The weather forecast on the news was for the overnight temperature to be in the 30’s.  So nothing will have a chance to cool down, which will certainly mean power outages, train delays and lots of emergency call outs.

In preparation my parents and I filled up lots of bottles of water and put them in the fridge.  Even if the power does goes out they will have a good supply of bottled water to drink.  Lucky both of them still work, well Dad does, Mum is semi-retired and only works a few days a week.  So I told her to  go to a movie or hang out in a mall on the days she is not working this week to keep cool.  Dad, works in an air-conditioned office so he’ll be OK as long as he can get to work.

I am not looking forward to several nights of 30 degree heat, I don’t cope well without  a decent sleep.  I really don’t want to be grumpy when I go for coffee with Richard.