I worked from home today.  I ended up going to mum and dad’s to check in on them after yesterday’s recording breaking temperature,  47oC 

I knew it was hot yesterday; I didn’t realise it was that hot.  I must have been distracted ; )

According to the news, emergency services were inundated with calls.  The Royal Prince Albert and Sydney Hospital both were full of dehydration and heat stroke cases.  They even had to hook up refrigerated trucks outside the Royal Prince Albert to contend with the extra load.

Then of course, the scaremongering started.  People on social media were insisting that the trucks at the hospitals were being used to treat Ebola victims.  Sometime I have to shake my head in disbelief at the intelligence (or lack thereof) of some people.  I understand that people get scared and anxious, and the media does a really good job of creating that fear.  But come on.  We haven’t even had a reported case here! Be logical people

I think I’ll work from home for the next couple of days so I can keep an eye on my parents and make sure they keep cool and hydrated.