There are days when I wish that having to read and watch the news was not part of my job description.

This morning while I drank my coffee, I caught up on the world news.  I was not quite prepared for what greeted me.

16 new cases of Ebola in London.


And because the Ebola patients from early January still occupied 8 of the 12 beds, the London Royal Free hospital could only accommodate 4 of the new patients.  The other 12 people had to be sent to three other hospitals (Royal Liverpool, Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield and to the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle upon Tyne) via police convoy.  Madness!

I get that they don’t have the bed space but three other hospitals is just not smart for several reasons: One, they run the additional risk of infecting the drivers and medical personal on the ambulances; Two, what if they have an accident on route? Three, there is an additional risk of people at each of the hospitals being infected.  Why they don’t just set up a special Army field hospital to cater to Ebola victims is beyond me.  Clearly they don’t have a strategist giving advice to the PM.

Maybe I should submit my CV?

What’s worse the media gave live coverage of the police escorting the four ambulances travelling from London to Newcastle resulting in several nurses and other medical staff calling in ‘sick’.  Sometimes I wish the media thought more about the consequences of their actions. Don’t get me wrong I am all for freedom of the press and good investigative journalism, you just don’t see much of it these days.  It’s all sensationalised and devoid of facts.

This is definitely going to impact my scenarios.