I really don’t like it when my scenario modelling is correct.

The headline in this morning’s paper was “People escaping Ebola crisis to safer havens in the European Union.”

Reports of Ebola had somewhat abated and the world has grown accustomed to the tragedy as it becomes normalised.  However, the media woke up again today as a Ebola became a concern for European Nations.  Boats filled with people fleeing West Africa have capsized in the Mediterranean.

All of the attention has now been focussed on Morocco.  As Prime Minister admitted that they would not, nor have they been apprehending boats that pass through its waters on route to the EU.  The EU has admonished Morocco and there has been widespread criticism of the Moroccan government’s decision to not act.  An emergency meeting has been called to discussed what action is to be taken.  Among the suggestions likely to be enacted is military patrolling of the Mediterranean waters around Spain and Portugal.

On top of it all southern EU nations are demanding that northern EU countries help shoulder the costs of the rescues, medical supplies, food, clothing and accommodation.

It just doesn’t stop.