Today there’s been a media fire storm.

Today we had our first case of Ebola in Australia.

A young family returning from holidaying with family in the UK were isolated mid-flight.  Apparently the baby started to show symptoms about 9 hours into the flight.  Most obviously vomiting.  The cabin crew removed the family to the crew area away from all other passengers, then crew members took turns standing guard outside the door for the remainder of the flight.  When the Airbus 380 landed in Australia they were met with doctors in hazmat suits.

The crew worked hard to allay the fears of the remaining passengers, on arrival there was a panic and a rush for people to disembark the plane.  The young family were held on the plane until after the last passenger had left the plane.

The father of the little boy, said they understood the need for isolation, what was inhumane was they had no proper running water to tend their sick child.  And no where to lie down and rest for the remainder of the journey.  They would be considering their options.

There will be a damn ambulance chaser after that.  Grrrr!  No wonder lawyers get a bad rap, when there are people in the world who are prepared to prey on others misery/emotions.  What they need is someone to mediate and get them to remove the emotion and see things clearly and rationally.

It doesn’t help when our  PM is accusing the UK of lax airport screening procedures.  IF someone is asymptomatic at the time of processing how on earth are airport staff going to spot a sick person.  Especially a baby that can be colicky.

I must ring Dad tomorrow and get him to check his stock portfolio and see if there are any airline stocks there and how much of the portfolio they make up.  I really needed to have done it last week, but with everything going on with the heatwave and Richard I completely forgot.