Today I took mum around to her friend’s place to make sure she was OK.

She wasn’t.

Mum had been calling her since yesterday morning and getting more and more worried each time Marion didn’t answer.  Marion didn’t go out much as she was living on a pension and her children lived away so Mum was confident she was at home.  When we got to Marion’s unit she didn’t answer the door.  After several minutes of knocking we decided to call the fire brigade.  I’m so glad we did.

We found her collapsed on the floor in the lounge with heatstroke.  Thankfully she was still alive.

Once we were inside the fire brigade called the ambulance for us.  While we waited for the paramedics to turn up we managed to rouse Marion and move her to the couch so she was more comfortable.

When the ambulance arrived they treated her for dehydration and prepared to transport her to the hospital.  Despite Mum’s protests about being Marion’s friend Mum wasn’t allowed to ride with her up to the hospital, so we followed in my car.

We stayed at the hospital until we knew she was going to be OK, which was fantastic because they had air conditioning.  While I was not pleased for the reason to be there, I was enormously grateful to be out of the heat.

I took Mum home later that afternoon and stayed with her and Dad.  After dinner, she rang all her other friends to make sure they were OK, that they were drinking enough water and encouraged them to go to the cooling centres.

At 9pm when it got too hot at their place – there was no sea breeze – we went to one of the centres.  There was almost no one there except for the staff.  I made up two “beds” for Mum & Dad with their own linens.  Well, it might not be the best accommodation in the world but it was cool and it was quiet, save for the hum of the generators outside.