The mayor elected to build cooling centres overnight.  Thank goodness.

Several have been ‘erected’ across the city.  The army have been called in and they have commandeered school halls across Sydney and have installed army cots and generator run air conditioning units.

Mum has been quite worried about her friend Marion.  She lives on her own in a small flat and typically doesn’t use her air conditioner as she is living on a pension and is very frugal.  She has also been without power and Mum hasn’t heard from her in a couple of days.  We’re going pop round tomorrow so Mum can check she’s OK.  Then I’ll take her and Mum to a cooling centre so they can get some rest.

Mum is now worried though that she might get Ebola from the over crowded centres.

I’ve created a monster.  First she won’t even consider the possibility now she is paranoid! LOL.

I have assured her that we can take our own linen and we can even put surgical gloves into our bags, just in case.